(Solved) Rinsing Mouth with Salt Water for Abscess


Salt is such an element that is used in medicinal preparation from ancient ages. Human body requires salt to keep the overall balance.

It is also not true that you have to cut all the salt from your diet for a healthy life. Our body needs an adequate amount of salt to function properly.

Now come to the main fact, salt plays the most important role in maintaining your oral health. The bad bacteria’s rule in our mouth when the pH inside is acidic. To kill all these microbes, salt water is enough most of the time.

Let’s have a deep insight of rinsing mouth with salt water for abscess.

How to take care of an abscessed tooth?

If you have an abscess in your teeth, then you should start rinsing your mouth with warm salt water right now. But please remember, if your abscess is very bad and painful already, you may need to consult your dentist.

Whatever the case, rinsing your mouth with salt water will never go to waste. There are even several home remedies to address the pain and discomfort of an abscessed tooth. While waiting for an appointment with a dentist, you can follow them.

Other than rinsing mouth with salt water, you can use Cold Compress, Clove essential oil, Fenugreek tea, Oregano Oil, Garlic paste, Oil Pulling method to ease the pain and infection.

Why rinse your mouth with salt water?

Saltwater rinse should be our daily routine to protect our teeth and gums. But as we are either busy or lazy to do this, our oral health becomes vulnerable sometimes.

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When there is an infection or abscess inside the mouth, we suddenly start to feel pain. And at this very moment, you should rinse your mouth using a warm saltwater preparation.

This will fight against the existing bacteria and inflammation. It will also give you a comfortable mouth and good breath. Salt water has wound healing properties, so it will also play a part in treating the abscess.

How to do a salt-water rinse?

Making saltwater preparation is very simple and can be done by anyone.

  • Take a glass of warm water and add one tablespoonful of salt into it.
  • Mix the salt completely with the water and rinse your mouth.
  • Rinse at least 15 seconds each time and for 2 minutes to get the best outcome.
  • You have to do this three times a day to get any result.
  • And do not swallow this solution; make sure to spit it out each time.

That is for treating an abscessed tooth. If you are doing it as a regular routine then rinse 1 minute at most and not more than three times a week. That’s because excess salt can be harmful for your body and digestion.

Importance of rinsing mouth with salt water for abscess

The importance of a saltwater rinse is beyond words. From nurturing healthy teeth to treat infected or abscessed teeth, salt water can be the remedy.

For people who don’t afford a dentist or are scared of them, this can be an easy solution. But it is important to remember that home remedies are not the replacement of the treatment of a specialized doctor.

You can add additional ingredients like hydrogen peroxide or honey to your saltwater rinse if only salt water irritates your mouth.


Rinsing with salt water can be helpful in many ways. And it does not have any adverse effects on your body. It can fight against any infection inside the gum or tooth and ease the pain associated with that.

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It can draw out the fluid from the abscess thus reducing the infection. For treating a tooth abscess it is considered as the best home remedy as far as I know.

Hopefully, you are fully aware now of rinsing mouth with salt water for abscess. Just follow the mentioned steps and have the utmost outcome with this natural method.