Quick Guide: Hydrogen Peroxide For Tooth Abscess


Are you suffering from tooth abscess and unwilling to visit the doctor? Well, take a breath. This article may give you a comprehensive solution to this problem.

When a tooth is fractured or damaged or when you don’t practice proper dental hygiene and a cavity develops in a tooth that isn’t treated, an abscess can grow. Looking after the changes in your teeth’s look might help you detect an abscess before it becomes too serious. 

A tooth abscess may not always necessitate the attention of a doctor. You can solve this problem at home very easily by using hydrogen peroxide.

Keep reading this article to know how you can use hydrogen peroxide for tooth abscess.

hydrogen peroxide for tooth abscess
Hydrogen Peroxide Structure Image Credit: Wikipedia

Hydrogen peroxide for tooth abscess

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used in tooth whitening and treating tooth infections. Let’s know about the actions of hydrogen peroxide in full depth.

Is Peroxide in curing tooth infection?

Peroxides are a class of chemicals that have the R-O-O-R structure. Peroxides are often used as a cleaner and disinfectant. It is a mild antibacterial that is used on small scrapes and burns to prevent infection.

It may also be used as a mouthwash to clear mucus and soothe mild mouth discomfort. When this product is administered to the afflicted region, it releases oxygen.

Foaming is caused by the release of oxygen, which helps to eliminate dead skin and clean the region. Among many peroxides, hydrogen peroxide is very useful for antibacterial treatment.

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  • What is hydrogen peroxide?

    Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant, antimicrobial peroxide and oxidizing agent. The molecular formula of this chemical compound is H2O2.

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    Hydrogen peroxide exerts the oxidizing action and generates free radicals while being gargled, rinsed or applied causing oxidative stress to proteins. It is able to inactivate and destroy germs.

    Moreover it can bring the spreading of an infection to an end.

    How can peroxide cure a tooth infection?

    For years, people have been using hydrogen peroxide as a home treatment to heal tooth abscesses. Hydrogen peroxide is a common home item that you probably already have on hand.

    It can be an excellent technique to whiten your teeth if used correctly. The denser concentration of this chemical can cause skin burns as well as ocular tissue damage.

    Experts suggest being careful while coming into touch with hydrogen peroxide. At modest dosages, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers hydrogen peroxide to be “generally regarded as safe.”

    Since hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that kills microorganisms by causing an oxidation burst and producing local oxygen, it can treat tooth abscess by invading the microorganisms.

    Method of using hydrogen peroxide for abscessed tooth

    You need to know the whole procedure of using hydrogen peroxide for treating tooth abscess. The steps are given below.

    • Step 1: At first, you need to combine equal parts 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and water in a mixing bowl.
    • Step 2: Next you will have to spit out the solution after swishing it around in your mouth. You have to make sure of the fact that you are not devouring any of the solution.

    You can use hydrogen peroxide about thrice a day for better results.

    Safety tips: Hydrogen peroxide is very much effective in killing microorganisms. But it may be proven as a risk factor for you if you mistakenly swallow the solution. In this case, you can take a small portion of the solution at one time to avoid danger.

    You can also use a cotton ball to apply the solution in the affected region of your mouth. Thus, you can ensure your safety.

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    Hydrogen peroxide can really be a savior from tooth abscess, if it’s used according to the instructions.

    Now you know the use of hydrogen peroxide for tooth abscess. I hope you found this article helpful.

    Give this method a try. All the best.