Basic cleaning and checkup at the dentist might cost up to $200. Dentures and orthodontics can cost thousands of dollars, and filling cavities may also cost a few hundred dollars in West Virginia! Even if you have insurance, expensive dental care services at dental clinics can cut a big hole in your pocket.

Still, regular dental visits are an essential element of maintaining excellent oral hygiene. If you’re worried about the cost, you should know that you can avail low-cost or even free dental treatment in West Virginia! Let’s take a look at your options first.

What to Do If You Can’t Afford Dental Care in West Virginia?

If dental care is something where you can’t spend much, you have a list of services available to cut the cost. Also, you can check for West Virginia’s low-cost or free oral health care options at United Way.

Uninsured Dental Programs

Ask your dentist or clinic whether they offer uninsured dental plans as another alternative for cheap dental treatment. These are generally payment plans that allow you to make affordable monthly payments on your dental costs.

Uninsured people can take advantage of services like these at many clinics. After the treatments have been rendered, some clinics allow payment arrangements.

Others will give you an estimate and then wait until all or a major portion of the price has been paid before starting work.

Free and Community Clinics

Those searching for low-cost dental care might go to community clinics in various regions. Volunteers and students from local dental schools frequently administer these clinics.

This is a fantastic method to obtain low-cost dental care while also helping to teach the future generation of dental professionals.

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There are also a lot of free clinics that will cater to your needs. The demand for dental treatment far outnumbers the supply. Many dental services are donated by charities, faith-based organizations, and professional dentistry organizations.

However, their waitlists might be lengthy or completely closed. Some have financial limits or exclusively assist the elderly, persons with impairments, or individuals with medical problems

Dental Schools

Dental schools in West Virginia are packed with students who require practical experience before they can finish their graduation. Most institutions provide clinics where students provide low-cost medical care to the general population.

When compared to what established dentists charge for fillings, root canals, and other procedures, you may pay half or even less.

As professional supervisors verify the whole process as the student works on you, expect your visit to take longer than normal. The benefit is that the therapy will be carried out according to the book’s instructions.

Non-Profit Services

To provide free treatment, several state or national organizations rely on donated labor and supplies by non-profit organizations.

Dental Lifeline serves adults aged 65 and above, as well as those with persistent impairments or significant medical problems, in all 50 states.

The America’s Dentists Care Foundation’s Mission of Mercy program offers free dental clinics at fairs, high schools, and other locations around the country. Some solely treat adults, while others also treat youngsters.

They don’t generally ask for evidence of income and see as many people as possible in line.

Dental Saving Plans

Dental savings plans and dental insurance are sometimes confused, although they’re not the same thing.

Whether you should obtain dental insurance, a discount plan, or a mix of the two depends on how much dental treatment you and your family get each year and how much you pay out of cash.

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Uninsured patients are not entirely without options. Unlike insurance, dental savings programs do not need a waiting time before receiving treatment, and there are no restrictions on receiving treatment for prior problems.

If you join this plan, it might save you anywhere from 10% to 60% on your dental bills.

Private Practice

A few cases each year may be handled for free by some dentists. They may accept recommendations from other doctors who are attempting to assist someone who need several dental procedures but cannot afford them.

If you’ve been visiting a dentist for some time and need dental assistance, tell them about your financial circumstances and see if they can help.

Top 5 Free Dental Care Services in West Virginia

In West Virginia, some of the dental clinics can assist low-income and uninsured people in receiving free or low-cost dental treatment. The clinics provide a wide range of dental care programs and support initiatives.

Some of the clinics are supported by the government, while others are founded by doctors and dentists who donate their time to dental assistance programs.

Each of these dental clinics in West Virginia is dedicated to assisting as many people and families as possible by providing high-quality, low-cost, or no-cost dental treatment.

Let’s go through the top 5 of them below.

1. Clay-Battelle Community Health Center

Located in Monongalia County, the Clay-Batelle Community Health Center was established in 1973. It’s one of the most prominent community clinics in West Virginia with a specialized program for dental care.

Address: 5861 Mason Dixon Highway, Blacksville, Monongalia, WV 2652

PHONE: 304-432-8211

Services Offered: Bridges and crown, periodontal treatment, amalgam fillings, prosthodontics-dentures, fluoride treatments, preventive cleaning, extractions, and white fillings.

Cost: Low-cost

2. Ebenezer Medical Outreach

Located in Cabell County, Ebenezer Medical Outreach has the prime objective of providing affordable and quality health care. You can avail of the basic oral care services here by paying only a $20 fee.

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Address: 1448 Tenth Avenue, Huntington, Cabell, WV 25701

PHONE: 304-529-0753

Services Offered: Flossing and brushing instructions, extractions, cleanings, and fillings

Cost: $20

3. Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile Dental Clinics are available throughout West Virginia where you can get dental care services for free if you’re qualified as a low-income individual. Less complicated services like extractions and filling are available in these clinics.

Address: Logan County, McDowell County, Clay County, Roane County, Harrison County, and Boone County

Services Offered: Extractions, short exams, cleaning, and filling

Cost: Free for qualified people who are of low-income

4. Wheeling Health Right

With an aim to operate as a primary healthcare clinic, Wheel Health Right is operated by United Way and is located in Ohio. You can get registered in their system to avail yourself of their free or low-cost dental care.

Address: 99 Main Street, Wheeling, Ohio, WV 26003PH

PHONE: 304-233-9323

Services Offered: Whole dental care

Cost: Free for qualified people who are registered in the system

5. Valley Health-Harts

Valley Health-Harts provides low-cost healthcare services including dental care in Lincoln County. You can avail of complicated services like cosmetic dentistry to basic oral care at Valley Health-Harts.

Address: 22 Fleming Drive, Harts, Lincoln, WV 25524

PHONE: 304-855-4595

Services Offered: Cosmetic dentistry, bridges, and crowns, cleaning and hygiene, fillings and extractions

Cost: Low-cost service

Bottom Line

The most effective way to reduce dental care costs is to take good care of your oral health. Even regular brushing and flossing can save you a few hundred bucks. If you still require professional help, refer to the ideas we provided to avail free dental care in West Virginia.