Our body’s natural defenses and adequate oral health care, such as everyday brushing and flossing, keep bacteria under control. Still, without proper oral hygiene, bacteria can catch up with levels. After that, it might lead to oral infections, such as tooth and gum disease.

There are many free dental cares available from several associations. Many clinics collect federal funding to provide free dental services to low-income patients. Service fees often depend on income-based. In this blog, we will talk about free dental care in Princeton, WV.

1. Bland Ministry Center

The goal of the Bland Ministry Center dental clinic is to fulfill the physical needs of people, especially dental care. They mainly strive to be a missionary level of service for all Christians, Churches, and associations by delivering chances to fulfill Christ’s great commission.

They provide full support for needy patients. It is a great center as it continues to develop in volume and number of physical facilities.

PHONE: 276-688-4711

Address: 65 Seddon St. Bland, VA 24315

2. Bluestone Health Center

Bluestone health center is a clinic where you can get many trustworthy doctors to relieve your teeth pain. This center has everything you are looking for. It is a trusted source of quality medical services in Princeton. They offer a broad range of quality dental services that are sure to fit your teeth permanently.

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It is a non-profit organization. They have earmarked dental services for children and adults in Princeton and surrounding cities. They never discriminate based on nationality, religion, tone, age, sex, or physical ability.

It is their mission to make dental and other health services available for the entire family and to conform to the total healthcare needs of their patients. They reduce severe dental problems through early detection, proceeding care, and patient education.

At this Health Center, all fees are based on your earnings. The availability of aids in the center never relies on your capacity to pay. They have a sliding scale program that lessens costs for low-income patients. Some of their services are entirely free, depending on people’s income.

PHONE: 304-431-5499

Address: 3997 Beckley Rd, Princeton, WV 24740

3. Princeton Community Hospital

Princeton community hospital focuses on the safety of its patients, employees, and visitors. This clinic provides high-quality, cost-effective dental care and wellness services. Its mission continues to grow, and so does its responsibility to keep its inhabitants healthy. Keeping that goal in mind, they provide excellent dental care that benefits their patients every day.

Princeton Community Hospital is the center of dental care that is very reliable, credible, always available, and ready when you need it.

They cover dental services for adults twenty-one years of age. The elderly patients are separated into emergent treatments. They provide dental prevention, diagnostic, and remedial services.

PHONE: 304 487 7000

Address: 122 Twelfth Street, Princeton, WV 24740

4. Mercer Charitable Clinic

Mercer charitable clinic concentrates on health issues. It is a free charitable clinic that is truly their community’s response to the health care needs in Princeton.

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Their network of clinics provides extensive medical and prescription services. They also offer outstanding dental lab testing, diagnostic techniques, health teaching, substance abuse counseling, and specialty aids by referral. They also provide dental services such as cleanings, extractions, restorative, etc.

PHONE: 304-327-2410

Address: 1331 Southview Dr, Bluefield, WV 24701, United States


We detailed the free dental health clinics located in Princeton, WV.

These above-mentioned clinics have experienced and skilled staff. They are gracious, friendly, and eager to provide you with the best dental services.

We hope this post will help you to get the best dental services. If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.