If you’re struggling to afford dental treatment in Polk County, Florida, then there are some strategies you can follow along with looking for free or low-cost dental clinics.

A lot of the health clinics have low-cost medical care in dentistry for uninsured people. Today, we’re presenting the 5 best free dental care in Polk County, Florida that you can avail.

What to Do If You Can’t Afford Dental Treatment Cost in Polk County, Florida?

A common option for people with low income and need of medical care services is to look for community outreach programs. A lot of the clinics arrange low-cost health care for low-income families. Look for such dental programs in your locality.

Another way to avail low-cost dental treatment is to volunteer at dental schools. Students who are studying at dental schools require constant practice. If you volunteer at any of their programs, you’ll be able to get professional teeth treatment for free under expert supervision.

Furthermore, some of the healthcare professionals often offer dental health checkup for free. Consult with your dentist to know about such opportunities.

5 Free Dental Care in Polk County, Florida Where You Can Get Quality Dental Treatment!

Now, let’s explore the 5 best dental clinics in Polk County, Florida where you can avail low-cost or free dental programs.

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1. CFHC Lake Wales

CFHC Lake Wales Dental Clinic is one of the sliding scale dental clinics where you can get low-cost dental services. The wide array of services make them one of the most popular for serving uninsured patients.

Phone Number: (863) 855-9718

  • Location: 305 W Central Ave, Lake Wales, Polk County FL – 33853
  • Services Offered: Cleaning, extraction, filling, scaling.
  • Cost: Low-cost

2. Polk County Health Department

You can get quality dental clinic services from Polk County Health Department Dental Clinic based on your income. Patients with low-income can avail primary care and dental treatments in low-cost based on their necessity.

Phone Number: (863) 534-7258

  • Location: 2090 E. Clower St., Bartow, Polk County, FL – 33830
  • Services Offered: Fluoride treatments, bad teeth extraction, oral hygiene, X-ray.
  • Cost: Low-cost

3. Central Florida Health Care

This sliding scale clinic treats patients based on their income levels. Uninsured or patients with special needs receive special treatment under the array of services of Central Florida Health Care.

Phone Number: (863) 229-7950

  • Location: 201 Magnolia Ave SW, Winter Haven, Polk County, FL – 33880
  • Services Offered: Screening, root canals, filling, extraction, fluoride treatments.
  • Cost: Low-cost

4. Lakeland Dental Clinic

This sliding scale dental clinic is operated under Polk County Health Department. They treat the patients under their special dental treatment plans for people with low income levels.

Phone Number: (863) 413-2636

  • Location: 3241 Lakeland Hills Boulevard, Lakeland, Polk County, FL – 33805
  • Services Offered: Filling, extraction, X-ray, cleaning, fluoride treatments.
  • Cost: Low-cost

5. Auburndale Dental Clinic

This is another sliding scale dental clinic operated under the Polk County Health Department, Their wide array of services treat patients with low income levels. Their laboratory services cost almost nothing compared to normal fees in other dental clinics.

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Phone Number: (863) 519-7910

  • Location:, 1805 Hobbs Rd, Auburndale, Polk County, FL – 33823
  • Services Offered: X-ray, cleaning, extraction, fluoride treatments.
  • Cost: Low-cost

Bottom Line

And that’s it! These are the 5 best dental clinics in Polk County where you can avail dental treatments for free or low-cost if  you’re in need. Their quality medical services will make sure you get the best treatment despite of being in the free dental plans.