Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. But, you can’t avoid it if you require any dental treatment. A single dental filling or extraction can cost hundreds of dollars if you don’t have insurance.

If you don’t go to a low-cost dental clinic, the actual price of dental care can be extremely expensive. And if you’re from low-income community, it’s even more daunting for you. But, if you’re living in Lee County, you’re in luck! We’re here with the details of free dental care in Lee County, Florida!

5 Free Dental Care in Lee County, Florida Where You Can Avail Dental Treatment!

1. Pine Island Dental Clinic

This is the place to go if you require more extensive dental care than what is provided by a general dentist. They are a sliding-scale dental clinic, which means that you will receive discount based on your financial level. Doctors are well-trained and equipped with everything they need to give high-quality dental care to their patients.

  • Offered Services: Cosmetic Surgery, Dental X-ray, Cleaning, Fluoride Treatment, Filling, and Orthodontics
  • Address: 8359 Stringfellow Rd, Saint James City, Lee County, FL – 33956
  • Phone Number: (239) 344-2354
  • Cost: Low-cost

2. Family Health Centers of SWFL

If you need primary dental care but don’t have any insurance, the Family Health Centers of SWFL will be able to assist you. You have a chance to be selected for their community health program, where you will receive low-cost dental treatment. The highly qualified doctors in this facility provide excellent care to their patients.

  • Offered Services: Fluoride Treatment, Cleaning, Extractions, X-ray, Filling
  • Address: 2232 Grand Avenue, Fort Myers, Lee County, FL – 33901
  • Phone Number: (239) 344-2344
  • Cost: Low-cost
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3. Broadway Family Dental Clinic

Being one of the best sliding-scale dentistry facilities in the vicinity of Lee County, Broadway Family Dental Clinic has some of the best dentists who provide the best treatment in town! Your income status, family size, and treatment requirements will all be checked by the clinic’s administrative staff to check your eligibility.

  • Offered Services: Preventive Dental Care, Operative Treatment, Extraction, Filling, X-Ray
  • Address: 3600 Broadway, Fort Myers, Lee County, FL – 33901
  • Phone Number: (239) 344-2335
  • Cost: Low-cost

4. Bonita Springs Dental Clinic

If you need quality dental treatment at a low-cost, Bonita Springs Dental Clinic is one of the best options for you. They offer discounts based on the patients’ needs and income. The doctors are well-behaved and professional. They offer a vast range of dental treatments.

  • Offered Services: Fluoride treatment, Cleaning, X-ray, Extraction, Dental filling
  • Address: 11921 Saradrienne Lane, Bonita Springs, Lee County, FL – 34134
  • Phone Number: (239) 344-2322
  • Cost: Low-cost

5. Lehigh Acres Dental Office

It’s a sliding-scale dental health clinic that offers a lot of dental care procedures at a low-cost. You can avail dental surgeries and restorative treatments at an affordable cost from here. Just apply for their affordable dental program, and get the best dental treatments!

  • Offered Services: Cosmetic Procedure, Restorative Treatment, X-Ray, Dental Surgery, Filling, Cleaning, Extractions
  • Address: 3400 Lee Blvd, Lehigh Acres, Lee County, FL – 33971
  • Phone Number: (239) 344-2385
  • Cost: Low-cost

Bottom Line

Before you start worrying about being able to afford expensive dental treatment, try one of the clinics from the free dental care in Lee County, Florida. They’ll provide high-quality treatment at an affordable cost that won’t make you go broke.

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