Oral health is just as important as maintaining your overall physical health to ensure you’re not facing any oral health issues. But, dental treatments can cost quite a lot if you don’t have a health insurance. Regular visits to dental clinics can even cost hundreds of dollars depending on the treatment.

But, if you’re from low-income background, you have the option to look for low-cost health clinics. And for you, we have listed the options you have for free dental care in Las Vegas!

3 Free Dental Care Where You Can Avail Dental Treatment Now!

A lot of the health facilities have community health outreach programs where they offer quality health care in dental services. In such treatment services, you’re eligible for getting the maximum discount based on your income.

In Las Vegas, there aren’t many options to choose low-cost clinics for dental services. We’ve done some digging and found 3 healthcare centers where you can get low-cost dental treatment based on your income.

1. First Person Care Clinic

Dental treatments like dental sealants or fluoride treatments cost quite a bit. The total fee of a basic dental care service can cut a hole in your pocket if you don’t have insurance. But, First Person Care Clinic will offer you the best packages under their sliding scale program.

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The authority will ask for papers to determine your income, and will offer you the maximum possible considering the treatment you require.

  • Offered Services: Dental Sealants, Extractions, Oral Surgeries, Fluoride Treatments, X-Ray, Cleaning
  • Address: 2100 S Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV – 89104
  • Phone Number: (702) 380-8118
  • Cost: Low-cost

2. East Las Vegas Public Health Center

Not having a dental insurance can turn into a nightmare for uninsured patients if they require any major dental treatment. The Public Health Center in East Las Vegas can help you in such situations with their licensed dentists.

They offer dental treatments under sliding scale benefits for low-income people where you’ll be eligible for a significant discount in any dental health services. Pay a visit there to know about their offered treatments and your eligibility.

  • Offered Services: Dental Examinations, Extractions, Cleaning, Filling, Cavity Treatments, Dental X-ray
  • Address: 570 N Nellis Blvd, Suite D1, Las Vegas NV – 89110
  • Phone Number: (702) 759-0900
  • Cost: Low-cost

3. FirstMed Health and Wellness Center

Where a lot of clinics can turn you away for you inability to pay the thousands of dollars for dental treatments, FirstMed Health and Wellness Center will ensure you receive the best treatment under their sliding scale program for families with low income. You can get the maximum discount here on oral health care services if you don’t have an insurance.

  • Offered Services: X-ray, Fluoride treatment, Cleaning, Filling, Extraction, Dental Sealants, Preventative Services
  • Address: 3343 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV – 89169
  • Phone Number: (702) 731-0909
  • Cost: Low-cost


Oral health care services are something that you might require any time in a year. Instead of suffering through the pain, just pay a visit to one of the community health centers that offer free dental care in Las Vegas and save yourself from the discomfort.

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