A single visit to a dentist can even cost you over $200 for a regular exam and cleaning. It’d cost hundreds of dollars to fill cavities, and can even cost thousands for braces.

Even if you have insurance, covering all the cost of dental treatment might be quite problematic. If you’re looking for free dental care in Jacksonville, Florida, then we’re here with some options and a list of some of the affordable community health outreach options where you can avail dental treatments.

What to Do If You Can’t Afford Dental Care in Jacksonville, Florida?

Among several options of finding affordable clinics, you also have some other options that you can avail. First off, you can look for community health centers where they have a community health outreach program. They often offer low-cost or free service to low-income patient community.

Another option that you can try out is at dental schools. Dental students often need to practice in real-life. If you volunteer in these programs at any dental school for dental practices, you can get the primary care for free.

Lastly, a lot of health care professionals offer free services to low-income patients. Consult with your regular dentist office to find out about such healthcare professionals.

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Top 4 Low Cost & Free Dental Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Below, we’ve presented a list of top 4 health centers in Jacksonville, Florida where you can avail free or low-cost dental treatments.

1. Community Health Outreach

This is among the sliding scale health clinics in Jacksonville, Florida. Patients can get the primary care in dentistry for free based on their income.

Phone Number: (904) 573-1333

  • Location: 5126 Timuquana Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210
  • Services Offered: Regular cleaning, extraction, filling.
  • Cost: Free (Sliding scale)

2. Economy Dentistry

This sliding scale dental clinic offers low-cost dental treatment to children from low-income families. Uninsured or children with special needs also can avail benefits from this dental clinic.

Phone Number: (855) 974-5437

  • Location: 1680 Dunn Avenue, Jacksonville, FL – 32218
  • Services Offered: Regular dental screening, varnish, restorative treatment, cleaning, and more.
  • Cost: Low-cost

3. Florida Baptist Mobile Clinic

Florida Baptists Mobile Dental Clinic offers free or low-cost dental treatment to low-income families in Florida. You can avail the medical care in dentistry from them if you need affordable dental help.

Phone Number: (800) 226-8584

  • Location: 1230 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL – 32207
  • Services Offered: Basic screening, cleaning, extraction, filling.
  • Cost: Low-cost

4. Sulzbacher Health Center

A complete range of services is provided by caring and experienced specialists at this dental clinic. Low-income or uninsured patients can avail low-cost dental care from this health care provider.

Phone Number: (904) 394-8060

  • Location: 611 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, FL – 32202
  • Services Offered: Oral surgery, filling, cleaning, extraction.
  • Cost: Low-cost


Finding free dental care in Jacksonville, Florida is not a daunting task if you know where to look. Availing the primary care from community health outreach programs or low-cost dentist office is the best way to find free dental treatments in Jacksonville, Florida.

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