People who do not have health insurance understand how difficult it is to pay for any medical procedure, especially dental health care. Even minor treatments, such as routine teeth cleaning, can run into the hundreds of dollars per visit. Not everyone has the financial means to spend that much money on dental health care services.

But you can receive free or low-cost dental treatment from a number of dental facilities in your area. If you live in Georgia, you have a plethora of possibilities from which you can find free dental care in Georgia!

5 Free Dental Care in Georgia Where You Can Avail Quality Dental Treatment!

1. Samaritan Dental and Medical Clinic

For people living in Albany, Georgia, simply paying a visit to the dentistry branch of this wonderful sliding cost clinic will provide you with information about their community health initiatives.

If you don’t have health insurance, you can get the most economical low-cost dental treatment from their highly trained dentists, regardless of your financial situation. It is one of the most affordable options available to people from low-income backgrounds who live in Albany, Georgia.

  • Offered Services: X-Ray, Extractions, Fluoride Treatments, Cleaning,
  • Address: 802 N. Jefferson Street, Albany, GA – 31701
  • Phone Number: 229-888-7420
  • Cost: Low-cost

2. Richmond County Health Department Dental Clinic

No need to be afraid if you don’t have a dental insurance. For people living in Richmond County, Georgia, the Health Department Dental Clinic is the perfect option to avail low-cost dental treatment.

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Richmond County Health Department Dental Clinic will treat you regardless of whether or not you are able to pay the treatment fees. If you are eligible for their community healthcare program, you will be able to receive the greatest dental care at a cheap cost or even for free if you qualify.

  • Offered Services: Extractions, Basic Restorations, Preventive Treatment, Cleaning, Fluoride Treatment, X-ray
  • Address: 950 Laney Walker, Augusta, GA – 30901
  • Phone Number: 706-721-5891
  • Cost: Low-cost

3. Grassroots Dental

A number of professional dentists practice dentistry at Grassroots Dental. If you live in Powder Springs, Georgia, this is the best option to avail low-cost dental care.

When you apply for their low-cost dental services program, they’ll run verification on your income. And if you qualify, you can avail the best discount on any dental treatment plans they offer.

  • Offered Services: X-ray, Filling, Fluoride treatment, Restorations, Cleaning, Extraction
  • Address: 4485 North Town Sq., Suite 108, Powder Springs, GA – 30127
  • Phone Number: (678) 398-6548
  • Cost: Low-cost

4. McKinney Community Health Care Inc.

For people living in Waycross, McKinney Community Health Care Inc. is the best option if you don’t have a health insurance. The medical facility has a dental division and they function following sliding scale programs.

So, if you qualify, you can avail low-cost or even free dental care in Waycross, Georgia.

  • Offered Services: Extraction, Fluoride treatment, Dental filling, X-ray, Cleaning
  • Address: 218 Quarterman St., Waycross, GA – 31501
  • Phone Number: (912)287-9140
  • Cost: Low-cost

5. Clarke County Health Department

The health department of Clarke County offers low-cost treatment to people without considering their race or income status.

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If you live in Athens, Georgia and don’t have an insurance, you can apply for their community health program to avail low-cost dental treatment. The doctors take good care of all the patients with utmost professionalism.

  • Offered Services: Oral surgery, Fluoride Treatment, Extractions, Cleaning, Filling, X-ray
  • Address: 345 North Harris Street, Athens, GA – 30601
  • Phone Number: (706) 389-6921
  • Cost: Low-cost

6. Columbus Health Department Dental Clinic

People of all ages require dental health services. With this in mind, Columbus Health Department Dental Clinic provides low-cost dental health services to low-income patients of all ages.

Their skilled and experienced dentists handle all types of patients with the proper care, regardless of their background. If you’re living in Columbus, Georgia, you can avail their low-cost dental treatment now!

  • Offered Services: Fluoride Treatments, Dental Sealants, Cleaning, Extractions, X-Ray
  • Address: 2100 Comer Ave., Columbus, GA – 31904
  • Phone Number: (706) 321-6190
  • Cost: Low-cost

7. Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic

A lot of dental specialists offer free treatment on their free time at community health facilities. In Savannah, the Volunteer Dental Clinic is such a health center where children from 3 to 18 years old can get dental treatment with no cost at all!

You have to take appointments prior to visit. They operate every Friday from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM. They operate on first-come, first-served basis.

  • Offered Services: Extractions, Cleaning, Restorative treatments, Filling, Fluoride Treatment
  • Address: 5717 Whitle Bluff Rd., Savannah, GA – 31405
  • Phone Number: (912) 429-8368
  • Cost: Free

8. Americus Family Dentistry

The city of Americus in Georgia doesn’t have a lot of free dental treatment options. But, the Americus Family Dentistry can easily compensate the absence of other options.

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Apply for health care and the screening process, and their sliding scare program will ensure that you get the best treatment within a reduced cost.

  • Offered Services: Preventative Care, X-ray, Extraction, Crowns, Cleaning, Fluoride treatment, Filling
  • Address: 101 Mayo Street, Suite A, Americus, GA – 31709
  • Phone Number: (229) 924-4647
  • Cost: Low-cost

9. Clifton Springs Dental Clinic

If you’re living in Decatur, the Clifton Springs Dental Clinic is one of the best facilities to avail dental treatment at a low-cost. Just apply for their sliding scale treatment, and if you’re eligible, you’ll get any dental care from them at the lowest cost possible.

  • Offered Services: Emergency Dental Services, Fluoride treatment, Tooth Decay, Dental sealants, Cleaning, Dental filling, X-ray, Extraction
  • Address: 3110 Clifton Springs Road, Decatur, GA – 30034
  • Phone Number: 404-244-4410
  • Cost: Low-cost

10. Macon GV Volunteer Clinic

This is yet another volunteer clinic at Georgia, located in Macon. Healthcare professionals and oral surgeons offer free treatment in here to people who don’t have any insurance. Their dental care services are one of the best in Macon.

  • Offered Services: Preventative Care, Filling, Fluoride Treatment, Extractions, Cleaning, X-ray
  • Address: 376 Rogers Avenue, Macon, GA – 31204
  • Phone Number: (478) 755-1110
  • Cost: Low-cost


Taking good care of your teeth is absolute necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and keep them safe from oral diseases. But, you still might need to go to a dentist every now and then. That’s why, try out the free dental care in Georgia if you don’t have a dental insurance.

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