A healthy and decent smile can simply modify our visual appearance, as well as the positivity of our mind stance. Our teeth have a particularly crucial function to play in our lives. As per medical science and doctors’ advice, everybody should check their teeth every six months. Yet, maximum people cannot have the ability to see a good dentist.

There are several free dental care facilities in Clarksburg. Many people who inhabit Clarksburg cannot afford dental treatment.

There are government and non-profit projects that cater to inhabitants in need. These services include dental caps, braces, checkups, cleanings, dentures, etc. 

Several hospitals receive federal and government funding so they serve various dental services for free. Today we will cover the topic of free dental care in Clarksburg WV.

1. Health Access Inc

The mouth is a gateway to the stomach. Maintaining a prosperous set of teeth is a challenge and so costly. Widespread free dental care is astonishingly limited which causes trouble for the poor who cannot afford high-quality treatment.

But health access incorporation came up with a mission-driven spirit to eradicate disparities between the rich and the poor living in Clarksburg.

Everybody has the same access to their service and the most vulnerable people get specialty care at no cost. They provide dental services such as fillings, amalgam, crowns and bridges, porcelain or gold, root canals, etc.

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PHONE: (304) 622-2708

Address: 489 Washington Avenue, Clarksburg, WV 26301

2. Community Care of Clarksburg

The community care of Clarksburg is an exceptional and high-quality health care center. Dental care is one of their best and specialty faculties. They not only treat the patients but also educate them so that they can take care of themselves to prevent diseases.

Its mission is to help every patient in the community and offer free treatment for the needy. They specialize in popular dentistry and offer a broad variety of preventive treatments and care services for all ages.

As a Federally qualified health clinic, they offer a dental sliding fee scale for capable families.

The clinic offers various‚Äč dental services such as cleanings, Routine check-ups, x-rays – Bitewing and panoramic, nitrous oxide for anxious patients, sealants, etc. Another service they offer you is cosmetic dentistry – whitening and veneers. They also provide dentures, root canals, extractions, mouth guards – sports, and teeth grinding.

PHONE: (304) 924-6262

Address: PO Box 217, Rock Cave WV 26234

3. Shinnston Community Health Center

This clinic regulates under a sliding scale model. This indicates that it may not be free to rely on your earnings. You will be obliged to prove the financial necessity to obtain free services or a low cost.

The health care center is funded by the federal government. So, if you have even no insurance you can be covered. This clinic can cover all dental services such as dental checkups, therapy, prescription medicines.

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PHONE: (304) 366-0700


Maximum hospitals offer treatment at expensive fees at reduced rates or according to the earnings of the patient. As all people can not afford it, for them we listed some free clinics. Above mentioned clinics deliver vital services at no cost at all.

We tried to provide the necessary information about some free dental care. If you need any more information, please let us know.